New success for CTI FoodTech. The Salerno based company, world leading manufacturer of fruit pitting machines, won the XII edition of Best Practices Award, organized by Confindustria Salerno with the aim of promoting culture of innovation, by showcasing actual projects of well-established and start-up companies. The prestigious award was assigned to CTI FoodTech for the project “300-AVC”, the first machine in the world capable of pitting the avocado. This is an absolute innovation on the market as, before this machine was introduced, the pitting phase of industrial processing of avocado at all productiion plants in the world was carried out only by hand. This made the process much slower and less profitable in terms of labor employed and productive capacity. The avocado fruit reached a wide diffusion in the past few decades.

The latest tendencies in nutrition science place the avocado in the highest range of premium healthy food, because of its nutritional value as well as its unique taste features. As a result, its potential market is quickly expanding and so is the number of plantations.

“We are proud of winning an award so prestigious – CEO Biagio Crescenzo states – With the innovative 300-AVC we respond to the demand of a quickly growing market such as the avocado. The machine is capable of feeding, orienting and pitting up to 300 avocado per minute, in a completely automatic way, needing no labor. Following the installation of the first unit in Spain, interest for the machine has grown exponentially in avocado canning countries such as Peru, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Colombia and USA.”

The machine was completely designed, developed and tested by CTI FoodTech R&D Department engineers, supervised by CEO Eng. Biagio Crescenzo, who owns the patent already filed for the innovation.


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