CTI FoodTech S.r.l. provides its products/services to enterprises in the national and international territory, its main goal is to consolidate and develop its leading position in the field of peach processing machine design and construction.

Therefore, the Management of CTI FoodTech S.r.l. aware of the extreme competitiveness and importance of quality aspects for the market in which it operates, proposes to:

  • To provide products and services that meet the Customer’s explicit and implicit technical specifications and requirements for machine performance, quality, reliability, and safety;
  • Operate in compliance with all laws, regulations and requirements applicable to the company’s business;
  • Assess risks and opportunities arising from one’s business environment;
  • Monitor and measure processes, products, and customer satisfaction;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality System, its own performance as well as the technological innovation of its products;
  • Maintain and improve the Company’s image to its Customers and take into account the expectations of Stakeholders, increasing its presence in domestic and international markets;
  • Conduct training and awareness programs to achieve continuous professional capacity development and promote the involvement of all staff.

The principles contained in this Policy, constitute the framework for the definition and verification of Quality Objectives, which will be established by the company management from year to year and assigned at the level of operational functions.

Management shall ensure that this Policy is reviewed for its continued relevance and appropriateness to the business environment during Management Reviews, and shall endeavor to provide the necessary resources, consistent with maintaining an economic/financial balance, for the implementation and understanding of this Policy and ensure that all personnel are aware of the Company’s stated objectives.