History of pitting

  • - 2017 – ISO 9001:2015

    CTI FoodTech is certified ISO 9001:2015 for the design and manufacture of fruit processing industrial machines. A remarkable result that rewards the constant effort put into keeping the higher quality standards in its productive processes.

    During the year, the company diversifies its offer, conquering further market segments in South America with machines designed specifically for local productions.

    The commercial synergies with the partners who produce the technologies employed in its machines are strengthened and expanded.

  • - 1967 – Meccanofrutta Italiana

    Eng. Giordano Tomelleri patents the first cutting system based on spinning spoons applied to peach pitting.

  • - 1995 – La FMC di Parma progetta e realizza il Modello 300-A

    The engineers of FMC in Parma design and built the peach pitter model 300-A:

    • Capable of pitting 8 fruits in parallel
    • 320 fruits per minute capacity
    • Discontinuous orientation
    • Completely in stainless steel
    • 360 degrees spoon rotation
    • Provided with precut system
  • - 1972 – FMC purchases the patent from Eng. Tomelleri’s and builds the model 200-A

    The American corporation FMC purchases the patent from Eng. Tomelleri’s and builds the model 200-A:

    • Capable of pitting 6 fruits in parallel
    • Provided with pre-cut system
    • 350 degrees spoon rotation
    • 240 fruits per minute capacity
    • Discontinuous orientation
  • - 2008 – CTI FoodTech purchases the Peach Line division

    CTI FoodTech purchases the Peach Line division from American corporation FMC FoodTech and begins manufacturing of machineries with its own brand.

  • - 2011 – 320 APA (International Patent)

    Eng. Biagio Crescenzo, CTI FoodTech’s CEO, patents a system of continuous automatic orientation applied to Peach Pitter 320 APA, achieving an orientation efficienty of ≈ 90%

  • - 2014 – Optical Scan System

    • Optical detection of suture line
    • Automatic reject system of non recognized fruits
    • Spinning spoons driven by brushless motor
    • Touchscreen control panel
    • Automatic fruit count
    • LAN enabled
    • On-board diagnostics
  • - 2015 – 320 APA-E (International Patent)

    CTI FoodTech introduces the Peach Piter 320 APA-E. The machine is the electronic evolution of the 320 APA and is provided with a PLC that improves considerably its performance compared to previous model.

  • - 2015 – REPITTER Upgrade

    The optical scan system already tested on other models is installed on the repitting machine Repitter Vision. The machine is now capable of recycling the fruits that fail to pit because they were not correctly positioned.

  • - 2016 – Multifruit Coring

    CTI FoodTech introduces the core remover Multifruit Coring, which allows to separate automatically the fruit core containing the pit, without generating fragments.

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