About Us

CTI FoodTech is a world leading manufacturer of fruit processing machinery and a supplier of complete peach processing production lines.

Thanks to a global market reach, CTI FoodTech is the second manufacturer of peach pitters for number of units installed in the world.

With a complete range of machines for every production need, CTI FoodTech is the only company in the world currently providing all peach pitting systems (spoon, torque, repitter, coring).

Processed products

CTI FoodTech can provide a complete line of machines capable of processing a wide range of fruits. With modular and versatile processing applications based on revolutionary technologies developed by its R&D department, CTI FoodTech machines can process more than one fruit, multiplying their value as an industrial asset.


In this section you can find information about the CTI FoodTech training and support program.


CTI FoodTech's organization can respond quickly to requests from all customers. CTI FoodTech's qualified personnel possess the knowledge to solve any problems that may arise during maintenance and the experience to diagnose in detail the condition of machines and advise on how to optimize their maintenance.

processing lines

Thanks to a long experience earned through the years, CTI FoodTech can provide consulting, design, layout assembly and complete production lines. These services, along with a reliable support service, are dedicated to customers who intend to start up a new industrial activity or broaden their market reach with new innovative products.

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Used Machines

In this section you can find our used machines. CTI FoodTech guarantees on-time delivery and proper operation. Check availability by requesting more info.