CTI FoodTech, a leading manufacturer of food processing machinery, won the “SMAU 2019 Innovation Award”. CEO and founder Biagio Crescenzo receives the prize after the round table on innovation in the food sector organized within the SMAU event held in Naples at the Mostra d’Oltremare.

The prestigious award was assigned for developing and marketing CTI-FAS, a very performing multifruit automatic feeding system with advanced automation, which can process both pears and avocados: it can recognize the fruit, handle it and place it in the right position, bring it to the cutting station (pears) or pitting station (avocado). The system, covered by international patent and suitable for machines both horizontal and vertical, represents an innovation in the manufacture of fruit processing machines. The innovative fruit handling system, which works with fruits of different sizes, improves productive processes and operators’ work.

“We are very satisfied for this prize – Eng. Crescenzo explains – We participated with an innovative multifruit, multiformat and multistandard system for avocado and pear pitters. Innovation and attention to market need have always oriented our activities.”

CTI FoodTech is the second manufacturer of peach pitters for number of units installed in the world. The machines made by the company process 7 billion fruits every year.

The company constantly invests in Research and Development. During his 30 years plus history it achieved over 100 patents in 20 Countries around the world, raising the bar of technology in its field. As well as in Italy, it has facilities in Murcia (Spain), with a production plant, and in Giannitsa (Greece), with a product display facility.