Great news from CTI FoodTech. Thanks to its consolidated partnership with global foodtech giant JBT, the new model of Fresh ‘n Squeeze citrus juicer is finally available. The machinery perfectly fits the architectural space of your point-of-sale, thanks to the contemporary lines of its design, created to increase the product appeal on the public, highlighting its high quality level. By relying on the know-how built up in decades of experience in the citrus juicing sector on industrial scale, JBT managed to build a machine that combines the practical use and commercial visual appeal required by the HORECA segment with a high productive capacity, ideal for points of sale with great public affluence. The machinery management is simple, because all the automatic functions are controllable through a convenient and modern touchscreen panel, and the processed fruit is easy to monitor through the broad windows. Cleaning is eased by the stainless steel frame and the purportedly reconfigured guide section. Product safety is guaranteed by the sealed juice extraction area, provided with a splash guard which completes the configuration of this new Fresh ‘n Squeeze model, the best citrus juicing machine for point-of-sale on the global market.

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