The machine is provided with an innovative technology for fruit orientation patented internationally.

After breaking a 100 patent record in 20 countries, CTI FoodTech, world leader in the production of industrial machines for fruit processing, is ready to raise the bar in the field again introducing new technologies.

The Italian company introduces on the market the 350 APA-Vision, the most performing peach pitter built up to date, thanks to a capacity and yield yet unmatched on the market. The machine, technological evolution of the model 320 APA-E, is capable of pitting “freestone” and “clingstone” peaches at a mechanical speed of 350 fruits per minute. Moreover, thanks to the innovative and internationally patented PLC driven optical scan system, the machine can detect the correct position of the fruit and remove from the conveyor belt the

fruits not correctly positioned, recycling them in the feeder, with the result of improving the orientation efficiency and of reducing dramatically the presence of pit fragments.

“We are proud of introducing on the market the 350 APA-Vision, a machine that, as well as being high capacity, is completely automatic and does not require manpower – CEO Biagio Crescenzo explains – Thanks to the Vision system, it ensures the best orientation performance compared to any other machine, both spoon and torque. The high percent of correctly positioned peaches, combined with the pitting system based on 360° spinning spoons, driven by a high speed brushless motor, allows a much better quality of the cut, no stick pits and a dramatic reduction of pit fragments. The 350 APA-Vision is made in compliance with the higher sanitary standards and all the parts in contact with the product are food grade.”

“Records and firsts – Crescenzo concludes – are achieved thanks to constant innovation-oriented corporate policy. In this regard, I want to praise the work done by our team of engineers and technicians, who were able to translate into reality the latest ambitious project of our company.”