Monday 23 April 10:30, at CTI FoodTech subsidiary in Giannitsa (Greece), a technical seminar will take place on the new machines introduced by JBT FoodTech, a close partner of the Italian company and one of the most important suppliers of integrated solutions for the food processing industry.

The seminar, aimed at entrepreneurs of the food processing industry, will be an opportunity to introduce the new machines produced by JBT FoodTech, but also a moment of reflection on innovation, both technological and of process, needed to promote competitiveness and industrial expansion in the region.

“In these years, thanks to the collaboration with global leading companies, we raised the bar of quality in the food processing sector – explains CTI FoodTech CEO Biagio Crescenzo – I’m happy of the welcome we received in Greece. We found great attention and enthusiasm. We believe that in order to boost an industrial district two elements are key: technology constantly updated and an innovation-oriented vision.”

CTI FoodTech, global leader in the manufacture of peach pitting machines, opened the new commercial facility in Greece on January 22nd, in presence of the honorary Italian Consul in Thessaloniki, Eng. Christos

Sarantopoulos, and of several local entrepreneurs. The subsidiary is a modern showroom that hosts some of CTI FoodTech’s fruit processing machines.

CTI FoodTech has two plants, one in Italy and one in Spain, and is currently the second producer in the world for number of peach pitters installed. Its machines process about 6 billion peaches every year. The company also owns the largest number of patents granted, about 100 in 20 countries, a record number for a Southern Italian SME.