From South Italy to world leadership in peach pitter production and to entering the top list of Italian SME with the largest number of registered intellectual property.

This is the story of CTI FoodTech, the successful fruit processing machinery company that, thanks to constant investments in innovation, reached this year a record goal for a southern Italian SME: almost 100 patents granted all over the world. A result achieved over a 30 years span, during which CTI FoodTech from its start as a small Italian reality managed to conquer more and more market share, installing over 600 peach pitting machines all over the world, from America to the Far East.

“Our machines are installed in several countries, from USA to South America to China, through Spain, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria, and process every year 6 billion peaches, CEO Eng. Biagio Crescenzo explains. The results achieved in these years reflect the investments made in the R&D field. Real inventions that had a positive effect on the entire fruit processing machinery segment. Almost 100 international patents granted are the direct outcome of this constant effort of improvement and growth.”

CTI FoodTech’s winning intuitions started in the heart of Italy, in the Salerno area. “I decided to remain in the South, although I could move the production elsewhere, because I strongly believe in the intelligence and abilities of the territory – Crescenzo continues – our corporate vision is not just to innovate constantly, which positioned us at the top in our field, but most of all to offer concrete opportunities to the young and talented. The patent record, which I share with my team of engineers and technicians, is a prestigious goal not just for CTI FoodTech but for all the food processing companies in the world who employ our technology.”