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The Peach Pitter model 320 APA-E is a direct evolution of the model 320 APA. The current model implements an electronic system managed by a PLC (Programmed Logie Controller). The 320 APA-E aligns along the suture line and pits “clingstone” and “freestone” peaches with a variable speed of up to 352 fruits per minute.

The automatic continuous orientation system (international patent) installed in the 320 APA-E guarantees a percentage of aligned peaches on suture (suture ≤ 10mm or 3/8″) equal to the torque pitting system (average efficiency 90%) without the need for manpower on the machine, unlike non-continuous orientation systems.

Informazioni generali:

Feeding, fruit positioning system and fruit holder cups specifically designed for avocados Motion of cutting heads driven by a lever system Automatic lubrication system based on Graco lubrication pump Automatic recount of fruits Electronics by Mitsubishi


Capacity: up to 280 fruits per minute Esteemed production: 3,000+ kg per hour (fruits with average weight higher than 180g) Installed Power: 2.5 kW Water: n/d Air: n/d


Lenght:5.500 mm
Width:1.980 mm
Height:2.240 mm
Weight:2.300 Kg

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Progetto macchinario 320 APA-E

320 APA-E

Watch all the key phases of the 300 AVC running and processing avocados in this clip.

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