After winning the XII Best Practices Award of Confindustria Salerno and a nomination at the “Innovation Award” of Fruit Logistica in Berlin, national press took interest in CTI FoodTech success case history. Inside the January number of the magazine Economy, an article by Stratego Group journalist Giuseppe Alviggi titled “Innovation marketing makes a difference on the market” tells the story of the Salerno based company, which has subsidiaries in Spain and Greece, and the values that led it to gaining world leadership in the fruit processing machinery field. The latest product is the “300-AVC”, the first machine in the world capable of pitting the avocado. CTI FoodTech, thanks to a continuous investment in Research and Development, was granted 100 patents in 20 countries, a record for a small southern Italian company. “An achievement that’s the result of Eng. Biagio Crescenzo’s vision, who has set innovation and internationalization as company’s assets for growth and development in a volatile market heavily affected by geopolitical changes – the article says – The Salerno businessman, supported by a marketing plan at the forefront of its field of reference, understood the importance of innovation and communication in its engineering and entrepreneurial profession.” CTI FoodTech partnered with the biggest international players of industrial automation to introduce on the market technologies such as continuous orientation, optical scan and robotized handling, and manufactures his machines in a 4.0 plant. “Elements that, if not properly communicated, wouldn’t achieve the expected results, such as gaining new market shares on a global scale from Spain to China, from Greece to South Africa starting from Italy – goes on explaining – getting a patent, as well as introducing a new machine, the international trade show, became for CTI FoodTech the content to be spread through traditional media – newspapers, TV, radio, Italian and international web portals – and social networks”. This is how the Salerno entrepreneur explains his winning strategy: “How do I explain my success? We always start from a market research. Wherever we identify a demand, we are ready to respond with an innovation which we then communicate”. A careful imaging, from logo to communication media (brochure, video, etc.) contributed to a successful participation at Cancon 2018, the world congress of the fruit processing industry, which took place last October in Murcia, Spain.

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