CTI FoodTech received the Top Company award at the Borsa Mediterranea della Formazione e del Lavoro, for collaborating with the technical school Galilei in a project which resulted in hiring two students.
“This initiative has all our approval” – states CTI FoodTech CEO Biagio Crescenzo – “we have direct experience of how difficult it is to find the human resources we need for our model of business, so having a chance to participate actively, as awarded company and as a project proponent, to an event that aims to ease this process is for us a great reason of interest”.
CTI participated, with Alessandro Crescenzo as a coach, also to the hackathon “Talents for Business”, the contest organized within the event, during which high school and university students were invited to submit a business plan upon a “challenge” of the companies.
The company challenged the students to elaborate a commercial and technical project to maximize market penetration of the citrus juicer machinery Fresh’n Squeeze MultiFruit Juicer, provided with an industrial technology transferred to retail, sensitizing consumers on the benefits of adopting the patented process, which ensures more sustainability and quality of the final product, and proposing technical improvements that allow to drop the cost and a greater versatility of the product.
The winner is the team GenoFood, who proposed to promote the machinery at wellness and fancy food trade shows, and a branding with Virgin Active fitness centers, improving it with refrigerating plates.