The Avocado Pitter model 300-AVC feeds and pits pear-shaped avocados at a mechanical speed up to 280 fruits per minute.

The fruits are conveyed to the feeder tank. A system of special rails positions and orients the fruits vertically and individually in the fruit holder cups.

At the cutting stage, two knives from upside and downside cut the fruit. Eventually a jig ejects the pit, splitting the fruit in two halves.

The frame and all elements in contact with the product are made in stainless steel AISI 304 or food grade plastic.

Data sheet


– Feeding, fruit positioning system and fruit holder cups specifically designed for avocados – Motion of cutting heads driven by a lever system – Automatic lubrication system based on Graco lubrication pump – Automatic recount of fruits – Electronics by Mitsubishi


– Capacity: up to 280 fruits per minute – Estimated production: 3,000+ kg per hour (fruits with average weight greater than 180g) – Installed power: 2.5 kW Water: n/a Air: n/a system – Dimensioni: – Lunghezza: 5.500 mm – Larghezza: 1.980 mm – Altezza: 2.240 mm – Peso: 2.300 Kg


Avocado Pitting Machine Model 300-AVC