After winning the Best Practices Award of Confindustria Salerno, another success for CTI FoodTech. The Salerno based society, world leading manufacturer of fruit processing machines, was nominated one of the 10 finalists for “Innovation Awards” within Fruit Logistica Berlin 2019, the most important contest for the fruit processing sector. The prestigious nomination arrived thanks to the project “300-AVC”, the first machine in the world capable of pitting the avocado. An internationally patented product that is gaining great success and attention, as the first place at Best Practices

Award and the advance orders from major avocado processors demonstrate. Before the 300-AVC was introduced on the market, the pitting phase of the industrial processing of avocado was carried out exclusively by hand at canning plants around the world. The 300-AVC is one of the four Italian innovations selected and will be rated by over 70.000 visitors, who, from 6 to 8 February, will travel to Berlin to visit Fruit Logistica, the most important trade show in the world for this sector. To this date, no Italian company has won the first prize.

“We are very happy about this nomination. To be one of the finalists of the most important international award of the fruit processing sector makes us feel honored and proud – CTI FoodTech CEO Eng. Biagio Crescenzo comments – The 300-AVC was completely designed, developed and tested by our engineers of Research and Development Department. It was created to tap into a fast growing market such as the avocado processing industry. Interest for the 300-AVC is increasing considerably in avocado processing countries such as Peru, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Colombia and USA.”